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Global Campaign of Gospel at Home

Promoting Entity

Spirit Group Nook of Joy (GERA - Grupo Espírita Recanto da Alegria)

The Spirit Group Nook of Joy it’s a spirit institution based on studies, practicing charity, social promotion and the propagation of Spiritism in João Pessoa - Paraíba - Brazil.

As Christ followers, we understand that in order to change the planet around us, we need to unify the religions around the family. So that we can establish peace inside the home, changing and empowering in each heart moral and Christian concepts, in order to enable humanity to abandon old habits centered in selfishness and pride and change for one peaceful internal transformation and face the serious troubles of the world with love, charity, humility and respecting differences, such as social, racial or religious. And shall we empower Jesus entrance inside homes, through the elucidation and examples given by Master of Nazareth.

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