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Global Campaign of Gospel at Home

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Historical Reference

[…] The domestic sanctuary is the first school and the first soul temple. The man’s house is the authentic characters to comum life, […] how expect a peaceful community without improving the home? The world peace starts right under our roofs. If we don’t learn how to live in peace inside our homes, how can we expect the nation’s harmony? If we don’t get used to love our closest brother, who is beside us on everyday fights, how can we respect our Eternal Father who seems so distant?

Jesus gazed the modest room for a while and continued:

-      Pedro, let’s light up a new clarity for all who looks for fraternal assistance. Your house’s table is the home for your bread. On these, you receive the Sr.’s aliment for every day. Why shouldn’t you practice peaceful and happy thoughts and conversations? […]

Simão Pedro looked at Jesus with his shy and humble eyes, and he couldn’t find the right words to explain himself. He said, shy:

-     Mester, shaw we do it as you wishes. So, Jesus invited the apostolo’s relatives to the enriching lecture and to the superior medication and opened on the Earth, the first Gospel at Home.

(Neio Lúcio, Jesus no Lar, 27. ed., p. 15-17).

Encouragement Message

“Dedicate one of the week’s seven nights to the Gospel Cult at Home, so that Jesus might stay overnight at your house.

Prepare your table, put on some pure water, open the gospel, read the message of faith, inlace your family and pray. Jesus will come in a visit.

When the home converts itself in a sanctuary, crime retreats to the museum. When the family prays, Jesus holds on to the house.

When the hearts bond themselves to faith’s link, balance offers consolation’s blessings and health pours peace wine to everyone.

Jesus at home is life to the home.

Don’t wait the world to take to you the certainty if the immutable goodness. 

Spread, from your Christian house, the gospel’s light to the tormented world. When a family prays at home, together at the mildness of the Gospel, the entire street gets the benefits of the communion with the heaven.

If someone, in an apartment, raises to the heavens the pray of the family’s communion, the entire building gets the benefit of it, as a forgotten lamp, lightened on the storm. Do not get away from the direction line of the  gospel between your family.

Keep praying faithfully, studying with your children and with those you love, the guidelines of the Master, and when possible, debate the problems that afflict you in face of the bright light of the Good News and examine the troubles that worry you with Christ’s comforting inspiration. Don’t go out in the street that night, unless to the inevitable troubles that you can’t delay. Hold yourself to your home so that the Divine Guest might as well hold on to it. And when the lights go off and the time to rest comes, pray once again, communing with Him, as He tries to do the same, so that, bonded to you, at your house, once a week in seven nights, you might have Jesus with you.                                                                              (Joanna of Angêlis, Messes de Amor) 

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